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Long Arm Quilting Services

I have been quilting and sewing for 40 years. Now I am happy to be able to provide local quilting services in the Oklahoma City area as well as mail-in services. Making beautiful cozy quilts is a passion of mine. I love the surprise of a finished job because each one is truly unique and special. I love all the colors and patterns of quilts, from a simple nine-patch to the most complicated designs. Each is a work of art.

I chose a Handiquilter Amara longarm machine because it is truly a great machine. My longarm is computerized and allows me to fit a design to the individual quilts' needs. As a quilter myself, I know the hours and care that go into making a quilt, and I want my quilting to be able to enhance the beautiful design of your quilt. I truly enjoy working on every quilt as if it were my own!

I want to thank you for giving me the pleasure of being able to quilt your labor of love.

Image by Jeff Wade

Dawn's Threads Provides

  • Border, Backing, Binding, and Quilting

  • Keepsake Quilting

  • T-Shirt Quilting

  • Machine Quilting by mail



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